Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5 Most Shocking Statistics About Couple's Sex Lives, With John Gottman

John and Julie Gottman.

        Question: What are the biggest/most shocking statistics with regards to sex life between couples?

        Answer: First, that 15 to 20% of all couples have no sex at all. NONE. EVER.

        Second, approximately 70% of the couples who do have sex, are unhappy with the frequency or quality of the sex. Yet they do not talk about it with each other!

        Third, in heterosexual couples, the major complaint of most men is not that they want sex more often. Their major complaint is that they no longer feel DESIRED by their partner.  This makes men feel heartbreakingly lonely.  

        Fourth, the major complaint of women is that they don’t feel emotionally connected to their partner, and so sex rarely feels personal or feels like making love. That makes women feel heartbreakingly lonely.  

        Fifth, gay and lesbian couples are far more comfortable, less defensive, more direct and honest, and they laugh more when talking about sex with their partner than heterosexual couples. They are also more open talking about non-monogamy, so there is less deceit.

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