Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to initiate sex



  1. Have you ever ever thought about adding just a little bit more than simply your thoughts? I mean, what you say is important and everything. But its received no punch, no pop! Possibly in the event you added a pic or two, a video? You can have such a more highly effective blog in the event you let people SEE what youre speaking about instead of just studying it. Anyway, in my language, there are not a lot good supply like this.

  2. Can you also make your content more mobile-friendly? I only see the post title, with no content. I assume it's some Flash video?

  3. Making the first move can definitely be intimidating -- even for guys. But,usually, the main freak-out factor is fear of being shot down, and since you already know your man wants you to lay your paws on him, you're ahead of the game.

    London Escort Service.

  4. @ how to catch a cheating husband & Anonymous:

    Thanks for the feedback, we do appreciate it and will be making some big changes in the next two weeks that will address these issues.

    @London Escort:

    You are right, fear of rejection plays a big part with making the move to initiate intimacy. That is why we advocate creating a very personal, emotional connection between partners so they can be open with one another as to their wants and needs, and not feel completely shattered if their partner turns them down for sex.

  5. Thanks for doing this every year. It’s so great, as someone who just started a filthy blog, I’m excited to devour these sites!


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