Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spicy Sex

Intimate couple laying in bed.
What are you doing this weekend?
        Let’s be real, even if you already have a great relationship with your partner, everybody wants to get more out of their sex lives. This weekend, try switching things up a bit with these 10 ideas from the Hot version of our Gottman “Salsa Deck” for really spicy sex. As we like to say, “Variety is the spice of life”:

1. Act out a fantasy of your choice.  Dress the parts.

  Here are some examples:
Two strangers on an airplane
Boss and employee
Professor and student
Massage parlor worker and customer

2. See how many sexual positions you can shift into before having an orgasm.

3. Spread paint on a large canvas and roll around naked, making love.  Then, frame your artistic creation.

4. Have naked bill-paying night.

5. Think of some hot sexual fantasy and then phone your partner at work and describe it to them.

6. Play Around-the-World in your house: make every room open to a potential sexual experience.  Use things in that room to make it more enjoyable.  Consider using whipped cream in the kitchen, pillows in the bedroom, heat from the fireplace, etc.

7. (Woman to man) Skip the underwear under your dress and tease your partner by showing that your vagina is accessible and being offered.

8. While both of you are naked, one of you stand behind the other and make love in front of a mirror.

9. Make love to the sexiest music you can think of.  Take turns picking the music.

10. Call in late to work one morning after the kids are off to school and have an erotic hour alone together.

The Gottman Institute


  1. Great suggestions! Very wild and spicy indeed. Let me try one later tonight. ;)

  2. Looks very funny. Isn’t loud sex now prohibited thanks to the new “noise at night” law that recently went into effect?


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