Monday, November 14, 2011

Gott Sex FAQ

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        We want to take a minute in today's post to respond to some feedback that we have received about the Gott Sex? Series, and hopefully, answer the most frequently asked questions that people seem to have. As the first completely online-based product from the Gottman Institute, the Gott Sex? Series has been an immediate success with everyone from regular couples to clinicians. Thank you so much for your support! However, because of the technology involved, we understand that there may be some confusion about how exactly our website works. Below are a selected list of questions and answers that have been taken directly from customer emails. We have done our best to cover as wide of a range of questions as possible:

Q: Can I share my Gott Sex membership with other people, i.e. with my spouse or with my friends?

A: You are encouraged to repeatedly watch this presentation and to share your log in information with your spouse or significant other.

However, sharing log in information with other people such as friends is not allowed. Accounts that have been shared among too many IP addresses and devices may be subject to deactivation for violation of the Terms of Use Agreement on our purchase page.

Q: Is there any nudity or explicit language in this presentation? Are these videos "racy" or "pornographic" in any way? 

A: There is no nudity or explicit language in the Gott Sex Series. The videos are purely educational in the PG-13 sense of the word.

Q: What sort of benefits can my partner and I expect to gain in our sex lives from watching and practicing the tools in the Gott Sex Series? 

A: The following 90 minutes will hopefully change your sex life drastically. You will find that the tools presented in the Gott Sex Series are not superficial; they really are about building deep fundamental processes that will allow you and your partner to better connect, both physically and emotionally. Not only can you expect to have better, more pleasurable sex, but you will be happy to find that your overall communication, trust and affection with your partner – inside and outside of the bedroom - will increase as a result. The more you and your partner work on practicing what you have learned, the bigger results you can expect.

Q: If I am a mental health professional can I share my log in information with my clients or colleagues for them to watch?

A: This is fine to do in therapy sessions when you are with your clients or colleagues, but again, please be careful! While you will find that can log into your account from multiple devices and watch the presentation as may times as you like, large amounts of suspicious login activity may result in your account being permanently deactivated for violating our Terms of Usage Agreement. That said it is 100% fine for licensed mental health professionals to have others watch with them in their practice; in fact, we encourage it!

Q: Is Gott Sex a valuable resource for both heterosexual and gay and lesbian couples? 

A: Absolutely. Gott Sex was designed for both homosexual and heterosexual couples to use. The skills and tools learned in this presentation will benefit the sex lives of all couples regardless of sexual orientation. This is because at the heart of Gott Sex is the idea that great sex really comes down to open and effective communication, great friendship, and intimate trust.

Q: Is Gott Sex totally online, or can I order physical DVDs and materials to be sent to my address?

A: As of now, Gott Sex is a completely online based experience. You can (and should) print off the exercises that come with each video. Our goal in not having a "physical" product is to be as green as possible in terms of mitigating our environmental impact. We understand the desire of some customers to have a physical copy of the materials, however, and will be working to provide a solution to this in the near future. 

Q: What is the total price of the Gott Sex Series?

A: As of now the total price of the Gott Sex Series – that is, the 9 video modules, the 7 printable exercises, the bonus materials, and everything else that comes with the product – is available at a launch special price of $49.95, plus WA State tax. Just a heads up, this initial price may increase in the future without prior notification.

Q: How does purchasing a membership work? 

A: Memberships can be purchased from our buy page. Membership to Gott Sex is a one-time fee of the abovementioned purchase price. Once you pay, you have lifetime access to the site for as long as it exists!

Q: Why did we create the Gott Sex Series?

A: As therapists and researchers, we are tired of seeing people constantly come up short of satisfaction in their sex lives. Unfortunately, there are very few research-based tools out there for people who are trying to improve their romance, passion and sex with one another. The short answer is we wanted to do something about that. In this presentation we are really interested in helping couples with their everyday relationships; that is, helping them enjoy all aspects of their relationship, from conversations over coffee at breakfast to creating satisfying and romantic sex. Truth be told, we are more like plumbers than philosophers. Therefore, the tools that we offer you in this series are designed to be useful and practical.

Q: Will this product help those couples that have stopped having sex altogether?

A: Why do couples stop having sex in the first place? Usually the answer has to do with the fact that they have stopped communicating or have unprocessed conflicts or issues… Or they feel embarrassed, or rejected or undesired by their partner. Gott Sex will give you tools to help you in taking the first steps toward fixing these problems. 

Q: Is Gott Sex a valuable resource for couples dealing with the issue of porn addiction?

A: Good question, and yes! At the heart of the Gott Sex Series is the idea that couples in committed relationships should have personal, loving sex, not impersonal pornographic sex. And once you’ve had personal loving sex with your partner, we think you’ll agree with us that it is much more exciting and fun than impersonal sex ever was. Learning how to make sex personal, and to re-ignite the passion, is all part of our program.

       Again, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited about all of the positive feedback that we have been receiving. Keep it coming! Have a great week.

All for now,
The Gottman Institute 

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