Friday, May 18, 2012

The Gottman Institute in the News

Happy Friday! By working together with your partner this week to make your life goals and dreams come true, you have made it through the fifth week of the Sound Relationship House Series. Congratulations!

With that said, we have been very active in the media since the Sound Relationship House Series began in April and we would like to take this opportunity to recap The Gottman Institute in the news.

Anderson Cooper
On April 18th, Dr. Gottman sat down with Anderson Cooper on national television to discuss the “Four Horsemen” – the four negative patterns in a relationship that can predict divorce. You can watch clips from the broadcast here. After the show, Anderson had this to say about Dr. Gottman:

KUOW 94.9 FM 
On May 3rd, Dr. Gottman was featured on KUOW 94.9 “The Conversation with Ross Reynolds” and spoke about the science of relationships. Click here to hear the conversation on love, marriage, and sex, as well as Dr. Gottman’s answers to questions from callers. 

The Huffington Post
Dr. Gottman’s appearance on Anderson Cooper was featured on The Huffington Post. Click here to see what they had to say about the television broadcast.

On May 12th, CNN ran a mother’s day article featuring Dr. Gottman’s 5:1 magic ratio for positive to negative comments in a relationship. Click here to read the article. 

On May 17th, Dr. Gottman and his research were featured on The Chart, which is a CNN blog written by Ian Kerner. Click here to read the article, which explains what straight couples can learn from same sex relationships. 

The Wall Street Journal
On May 15th, Dr. Gottman’s 5:1 magic ratio was featured in an article written by Elizabeth Bernstein of The Wall Street Journal. Click here to read the article, which looks at “why we are whining more these days and the need to cut it out.”

The Washington Post
On May 10th, Jennifer Kogan of the Washington Post ran this article on "how to feel closer to your partner while raising a family." The article reveals that according to Dr. Gottman's research, 67% of couples express marital satisfaction during the first three years of their baby's life.
On May 18th, Laura Schaefer of ran this article about Dr. Gottman’s 5:1 ratio, explaining that “healthy couples make a minimum of five positive comments or gestures to each other for every negative one.” 

Men's Health
On May 11th, Men’s Health ran this article on the “five signs your relationship is over” featuring Dr. Gottman’s research. It quotes Katie Ramsburgh, marriage and family therapist with The Gottman Institute.

The Herald Sun
On April 21st, the Herald Sun, an Australian newspaper, ran this article entitled “How To Make a Marriage Work.” It emphasizes Dr. Gottman’s philosophy that while conflict causes unhappy relationships, it is how you handle it that matters.

We are excited about the recent, increased attention that the Gottman Institute has been getting in the media and we owe it all to your continued following and support. Thank you! Remember, you can follow us on Twitter (@GottmanInst) and Facebook. Look forward to new and exciting products, services, and events from the Gottman Institute in the upcoming months.

Have a great weekend!
Michael Fulwiler
TGI Staff

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